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Performance Archives

Sitka Cirque offers many performance opportunities

Every Year Sitka Cirque produces one or two student showcases and a spring production as well as performing for various community event.

Funds from performances are used for our equipment and scholarship funds. 

For students interested in more performance and choreographic opportunities why not join Sitka Cirque Troupe. 

Performance Archives: Welcome

Performance Archives



April 2016

Tides is a story about how the tides came to be. This is an original story created, written, and choreographed by Frances Donohoe, Charles Hart, Zeke Blackwell, and Zachary Desmond.


The Grinch

December 2016

Sitka Cirque Performed their adaptation of the Grinch.

Sitka Heroes 2017-128.jpg


May 2017

In this original production, Charles Hart wrote a local story of heroes and villains of Sitka Alaska. Performed and choreographed by Sitka Cirque coaches and students.


Jungle Book

April 2018

Sitka Cirque performed their adaptation of the Jungle Book, bringing to life local artist, Sarah Lawrie's incredible shadow stencils, with choreography by Sitka Cirque's coaches.



April 2019

Sitka Cirque recreated their original story of Tides for the big stage. This morphing story was recreated for a new cast with all new choreography, sets, and art. Working with local artist Pat Kehoe to create land and sea backdrops, and choreography created by the Sitka Cirque coaches.


Midnight Sun Festival

June 20-22nd 2019

Sitka Cirque collaborated with Golden Heart Performing Arts in Fairbanks Alaska to perform aerial for the Midnight Sun Festival. Performing in the streets in front of thousands of people was an incredible experience, that our students will remember forever. Collaborating with studios across our state is such a special opportunity.

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