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Spring Productions

Every year in the spring Sitka Cirque & Friends of Sitka Circus Arts Non-Profit create an end of the year production featuring cirque students of all ages and abilities.  Every student is offered the opportunity to participate as rehearsal happens during class time. Advanced level students are offered the opportunity for more responsibility and  performance roles by joining additional troupe rehearsals.  

Students may always choose not to perform.

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Community Chronicles
Heroes of Sitka

Produced by Friends of Sitka Circus Arts. Performed by Sitka Cirque.

Scholastic Year Sep 2016 -May 2017 

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May 15, 2016

This end of year performance took shape as a Sitka Cirque original featuring youth and adult students from every level and age group.  Photo's by Bobbi Jordan


An Evening of Aerial

May 2015 Hames Center

 Our first performace a collaboration between sitka cirque and Sitka Gymnastics Academy with a special guest performance by cheetah XX.  Community members invited to dance ...




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