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Three aerialists hanging from rigging in the Performing Arts Center.

You Can Fly

Run away to the Circus without leaving Sitka!

At the intersection of creativity, strength, flexibility, and rhythm, circus arts combine the best of gymnastics and dance to enhance your physical abilities, boost your self-confidence, and expand your imagination. We perform in Sitka multiple times a year and offer classes for ages 3-100.

Founded and led by expert aerial dancer, choreographer, and professional dancer, Frances Donohoe, Cirque welcomes students of every age, from toddlers to retirees and everything in between. As you gain strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility, you will proceed to more advanced levels, explore new equipment, and learn new skills, all in Southeast Alaska's premier circus arts studio.

Two aerialists hanging on a lyra in front of a dark blue background.

Upcoming Events!

Winter Performances 2023
Dec 9, 1:30 - 3 PM: Winter Showcase
Dec 9, 8 PM - 12 PM: Cirque Noir - A Winter Solstice Dance Party

Tickets for both events are available on our "Performance" page!

Spring Performance 2024
Under the Big Top Goes to Outer Space!
April 20-21: Under the Big Top Performance Cast A
April 27th - 28th: Under the Big Top Performance Cast B

Visit our "Performance" page for more information!

About Sitka Cirque

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 3pm - 8:30pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Contact Us

If you have a question, please use our contact information at the bottom of this page.

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