Performance Opportunities


Sitka Cirque offers many performance opportunities

Inspiring Creativity

Upcoming performances:

Porch Fest 2021

Sitka Cirque will be performing on June 5th at 5pm for Porch Fest. Weather permitting we will be setting up the suspendulum outside in downtown Sitka for this art walk. Soloist will be demonstrating aerial lyra, trapeze, and silks for the town. 

4th of July

Sitka Cirque is going to be performing at the 4th of July downtown. Come and see the show for free! 

Troupe is for students that would like to perform and learn how to build choreography.  

Youth Troupe Sunday 3-4:30

Requirements: All Elementary students Level 3 and above that are registered for 2 or more technique classes per week are eligible. 

Teen Troupe Sunday 4:30-6PM

Requirements: All Middle & High School students registered in 2 or more technique classes per week are eligible.

Adult Troupe Sundays 6:00-7:30.

Requirements: All Adult students Level 3 or above are eligible.  

Troupe is one of my favorite classes as it gives students an opportunity to be creative and take their practice to a whole new level.   In troupe we start to focus on developing students ability to dance in the air by discovering and encouraging their individuals style.  As part of Troupe students will have the opportunity to create their own solo for our student showcases, as well as to perform for other school and community events.   In class we will be learning how to choreograph, think about themes, costumes and music.  We’ll be exploring movement through games, improvisation and discussion.   It is a great time to meet cirque students from other levels, compare skills, hang out and share your passion for flying! 
For students that don’t want to perform, troupe is still be a great opportunity to learn choreography and develop material. We encourage students who do not want to perform but would still like to be involved in the show to join our amazing stage crew and help with sets, costume, rigging & face paint/makeup ideas.  

Students will also have the opportunity to audition for a solo, duet or second group piece for our Spring Productions. 

Sitka Cirque will be bringing Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' to life! Come to a festival style performance with food, drinks, games, aerialists, dancers, live music and more! It will be an experience unlike anything seen in Sitka before!  Date TBD

Be sure to check this calendar for upcoming performances,   Cirque events and rehearsal dates.