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Studio Rentals

**description of the space -- square footage, things included/featured (lighting & sound systems, projector, gym mats, chairs & risers, ) 2 bathrooms, large parking lot, WiFi available, aerial equipment (silks trapeze lyra pole)

Performance Space


frequent use discount rate - is this standardized or?

Party Rental

-use a photo from Viola's birthday party 

-list of equipment

-projector for movies, 

-for kids' parties - teachers to guide kids through safely using the equipment

0-10 kids: $100/hr

10-20 kids: additional $10/hr for each child

Teaching Space (? wording)

This spacious studio is great for fitness classes, childcare (a practice space for gymnasts?)

mats make it perfect for tots to tumble around

works great for dancers - sound system etc ( use of studio Spotify included?)

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