It's Never To Late  to Learn To Fly!

Registration is on-going and open throughout the year.  Your fee will be pro-rated for your start date.

Why do Aerial classes cost what they do?
Aerial classes incur a lot of additional safety expenses. At Sitka Cirque we take safety very seriously.  It is our number one priority.
To ensure safety classes are limited to a maximum of 8 students per/teacher.  In addition, we spend thousands every semester on replacing aerial equipment, aerial insurance, rigging and safety inspections.  There is no cheap way to ensure safety.


Registration & Payment Plans

To register call 907 738 0721 or stop by the Sitka Cirque Front Desk

207 Smith Street Sunday-Friday 10-3pm.  

Registration Packets & Waiver Forms can be printed out below. 

New students may schedule a level assessment by emailing Sitka Cirque Director

Please remember that all sales are final.  


Monthly Auto-Pay

At Sitka Cirque we allow students to pay in monthly installments with an auto-pay contract.  To receive this benefit members are required to keep a CC on file. Payments will be taken out on the 1st of every month. Our auto-pay contracts are for the full Scholastic year Sep-May.

If you would like to cancel your contract for the spring semester be sure to have your notice turned in (in writing or email) by Dec 1st to  This is the only time in the year when cancellations will be allowed.  

Clients will be sent an email if their payment is declined and are given a week grace period to make their monthly payment. A late payment fee of $20 will be charged for payments more then a week late. 

Pay In Full Sep -May

This is the cheapest payment option that Sitka Cirque has to offer. We give a $20 discount to students that pay in full, as well as no additional credit card processing fees. Prices are based on the number of hours of classes per week, and the number of weeks in the semester.


Flex Pass

Available for Adult Beginners Aerial Technique on Monday & Thursdays.  Flex Passes are also available for all Aerial Conditioning & Yoga classes.  8 Class Flex Passes are good for 3 months after purchase.

8 Class Flex Pass for 1hr class in Aerial Conditioning & Yoga $110

8 Class Flex Pass for 1.5hr class in Adult Beginners Mixed Aerial Technique $210

Drop-In Classes

Beginner students are welcome to drop-in at any time as long the class is not full.  Adv/Inter. students please email cirque director to inquire. 

Aerial Yoga and Conditioning classes do not need to be scheduled. To schedule a drop-in for Aerial Technique classes please email Cirque Director Frances Donohoe. 

1hr Aerial Conditioning & Yoga Drop-in class $12.50

1.5hr Aerial Technique Class  $26 / First Time Drop-in $15

Acro Drop-in $15


 Private Lessons and Small Group Fees

Private Lessons $50 per/hour

Small Group Fees 

$100 for the first 4 students. $10 for each additional student. Maximum of 20 students.

Waiver Forms are renewed on a yearly basis at the start of the school year. Be sure to fill out and turn in a waiver form with your registration packet.



207 Smith Street
Sitka AK 99835