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Sitka Cirque's Aerial classes

Aerial Trapeze, Silks, Hammock, Lyra, Partnering, Acro, and Conditioning.

Sitka Cirque offers aerial classes for pre-schoolers, Kinders, Youth students, Teen students, and adults of all ages. 

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Aerial Trapeze

Trapeze class gives students the opportunity to swing, twist up in ropes, and hang from one arm. Trapeze classes focuses on using the ropes in unique and different ways to give students the support that they need to succeed. The moves that glide from above the bar to below the bar are always a favorite. 

Aerial Silks

Aerial silks class teaches students to climb, drop, roll, and spin through the air. We teach students to use the fabric and their body to make knots, hitches, and fulcrums. Aerial silks is about moving vertically through space, and finding new and exciting ways to center your body above an ever changing pivot point, not to mention big drops and rolls through the sky.


Aerial Hammock

This is a restorative class focusing on stretching and strengthening using the fabric as support. Finding the easiest ways to glide through space and move without over exerting.

Aerial Lyra

The lyra, also known as the spinning hoop, is our flying hula hoop. We focus on spinning and gliding over the bar in this class. Working on transitioning from above the bar to below the bar through glides, slides, and drops. This spinning fun leaves you feeling twisted and stretched.


Partnering Class

Aerial Partnering looks at both duo-moves, as well as base and flyer moves. We work with students strength to lift one another and counter balance each others weight and momentum. This class is so much fun! Stay tuned for this class in future semesters.


This class combines a lot of aerial skills, but is on the floor. We are using one or more people to defy gravity. We balance on and roll across bodies. Using each other and momentum to find new and exciting shapes that require constant communication and trust with you partner. You do not need to bring a partner to participate! This class is on hold until further notice.


Aerial Conditioning

Aerial conditioning is a class that focuses on the strength and flexibility needed to perform aerial skills to the top of your ability. This class is built for all levels of aerialist, and is sure to make you feel exhilarated and stronger by the end!

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