Classes for Every Ability

Sitka Cirque offers classes for all ages and levels. If you are wondering about which class is right for you, you may arrange a placement class with Sitka Cirque's Director Frances Donohoe, by emailing us at sitkacirque@gmail.com. 

Sitka Cirque's offers classes in aerial silks, aerial trapeze, and aerial lyra. With a variety of instructors and equipment, there is always something new!

Start your aerial acrobatic experience at any time in the year.   Classes will be pro-rated from your start date.

If you are uncertain if aerial is the sport for you, then you may set up a free trial! You may attend class for free to see if aerial is your new activity or not. 

Please remember that all sales are final


Returning Students

If you are currently enrolled in classes at Sitka Cirque, you only need to fill out one form! Follow the link for "Re-enrollment Autopay form" and either return the form to us or email it to sitkacirque@gmail.com.

Students that were enrolled in the fall semester are given first choice for spring enrollment. Please return your forms by Dec 18th to hold your place for the spring. After Dec 18th we will open enrollment up to additional students. For returning students and families the only form we need for the spring is an updated auto pay contract.


Registration Updates

Corona virus update

There has been some uncertainty about what will happen in the spring if the Covid case load is high.  Rest assured, If we are not able to open for in person classes on Jan 11th your CC will not be charged until we do open for in person classes, at which point it will be pro-rated for the start date.  A reminder, if we have to switch to online classes during the spring semester we have limited enrolled students to one month maximum on zoom classes, after that time they’ll be given the option to suspend their contract until we can return to in person classes. We are doing our best to balance community safety with the survival of Sitka Cirque.  

The Cost of Aerial

Why do Aerial classes cost what they do?
Aerial classes incur a lot of additional safety expenses. At Sitka Cirque we take safety very seriously.  It is our number one priority.
To ensure safety classes are limited to a maximum of 8 students per/teacher.  In addition, we spend thousands every semester on replacing aerial equipment, aerial insurance, rigging and safety inspections.  There is no cheap way to ensure safety.


Summer Time Cirque

Summer Classes, Performances, Travel & Outdoor Fun

Sitka Cirque is always looking for sunny days to take aerial classes outside to fly in the sun. Join us over the summer to be inspired by the aerial arts, and to enjoy the relaxing pace of summer cirque.




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