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Which class do you belong in? Email Cirque Director to schedule a placement evaluation.

Start your aerial acrobatic experience at any time in the year.   Classes will be pro-rated from your start date.


Free Trial Class For New Students!

Not sure if aerial is for you? Email Cirque director to schedule a test class for free.


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Financial Aid

FOSCA offers financial aid to students over the scholastic season. Applications are due in August for the following year.

Work Exchange

Sitka Cirque offers a work exchange program to help make classes more affordable. Please take a look at our work-exchange contract to see if you would like to participate!


Summer Time Cirque 2019

Summer Classes, Performances, Travel & Outdoor Fun

Sitka Cirque has two groups of aerialists traveling to Haines and Fairbanks this summer to perform at the SE Alaska State Fair, and the Midnight Sun Festival! We are so excited!
Summer Troupe students are invited to perform at both the July 4th performance on the suspendulum, as well as at the summer student showcase. 
Sitka Cirque is always looking for sunny days to take aerial classes outside to fly in the sun. Join us over the summer to be inspired by the aerial arts, and to enjoy the relaxing pace of summer cirque.




207 Smith Street
Sitka AK 99835